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  5. addicted2implants:

    i would have let her get bigger ones if she wanted to.

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  6. boobgrowth:

    From saggy to full and round! The magic of breast enhancement surgery

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  7. addicted2implants:


    that’s a really nice augmentation

    I love before-and-after-pics

    She just inflated those things into awkwardly huge blimp tits. I love it!!!!

  8. siliconeandmore:

    From saggy to holy crap!!
    This surgeon knows how boobs have to look like ^_^

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  9. addicted2implants:


    okay, yes, the idea of her having these installed hits me right between the legs.

    She’s already marked up and ready to have her fuck bags installed. Countdown to becoming an implanted cock toy. The drugs will hit her and she’ll wake up with giant bimbo tits, never to be the same again.

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  10. gr8boobs:

    Massaging perfect set of oiled tits… mmmmhhh


    Make sure your breasts get massaged post-surgery. It keeps your new breasts soft and let’s them hang more naturally.

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